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Linux Device Manager for Logitech Unifying Receivers and Paired Devices.

Solaar is a Linux manager for Logitech’s devices that connect via USB Unifying, Lightspeed, or Nano receivers. It does not work with Logitech peripherals that use Bluetooth or peripherals from other companies.

Solaar can be used as a GUI application or via its command-line interface. Both interfaces are able to list the devices paired to a receiver and show information about each device, including battery status for devices that support this feature. Solaar’s GUI normally uses an icon in the system tray and starts with its main window hidden. The program can be invoked in several ways

For more information on Solaar’s command-line interface use the help option, as in solaar --help.

Solaar is able to pair and unpair devices with receivers as supported by the receiver. Solaar can also control some changeable features of devices, such as smooth scrolling or function key behavior. For more information on how to use Solaar see the usage page, and for more information on the capabilities see the capabilities page.

Solaar does not process normal input from the devices. It is thus unable to fix problems that arise from incorrect handling of mouse movements or keycodes by Linux drivers or other software.

Solaar has progressed past version 1.0. Problems with earlier versions should not be reported as bugs. Instead, upgrade to a recent version or manually install the current version from GitHub. Some capabilities of Solaar have been developed by observing the behavior of Logitech receivers and devices and generalizing from these observations. If your Logitech receiver or device behaves strangely this may be caused by an incorrect behavior generalization. Please report such experiences by creating an issue in the Solaar repository.

Supported Devices

Solaar will detect all devices paired with your Unifying, Lightspeed, or Nano receiver, and at the very least display some basic information about them. It can pair and unpair a Logitech device showing the Unifying logo (Solaar’s version of the logo) with any Unifying receiver and can pair and unpair devices with Lightspeed receivers. Solaar can pair some Logitech devices with Logitech Nano receivers but not all Logitech devices can be paired with Nano receivers. Logitech devices without a Unifying logo generally cannot be paired with Unifying receivers.

For some devices, extra settings (usually not available through the standard Linux system configuration) are supported. For a list of supported devices and their features, see the devices page.

Prebuilt packages

Prebuilt packages are available for some Linux distros.

Solaar has progressed beyond version 1.0 but some distros or repositories provide version 0.9.2, which is very old. Installing the current version will provide significant improvements. If a recent version of Solaar is not available from the standard repositories for your distribution you can try one of these packages.

Solaar uses a standard system tray implementation; solaar-gnome3 is no longer required for gnome or unity integration.

Manual installation

See the installation page for the step-by-step procedure for manual installation.

Known Issues


This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, v2.


This project began as a third-hand clone of Noah K. Tilton’s logitech-solar-k750 project on GitHub (no longer available). It was developed further thanks to the diggings in Logitech’s HID++ protocol done by many other people:

Also, thanks to Douglas Wagner, Julien Gascard, and Peter Wu for helping with application testing and supporting new devices.